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Dr. Benjamin M. MusyokaMonotheistic Spirituality: The Basis for a Shared Sense of Identity and Common HumanitySpirituality, when understood from a monotheistic worldview, is unifying and fulfilling to humanity and endures the test of time and change. The purpose of this paper is bring out the spiritual convergence of the three monotheistic religions of Judaism, Christianity and Islam, and how that convergence is and should be the basis for their shared sense of identity and common humanity. Emphasis is placed on the one and only God who is the basis for human oneness, and caution raised against undue dependence on mere religiosity and culture to appeal for human oneness. Through an extensive review of literature on this topic, a definition of spirituality in contrast to religion is provided. Reason and God’s self-revelation are presented as the basis for monotheistic spirituality of Judaism, Christianity and Islam. The final part of the paper looks at God’s attributes as the basis for human morality, righteousness, justice, and goodness. These are the spiritual values that unite humanity and which would help religious and other community leaders worldwide to address the challenge of social, political, and religious radicalism and extremism which are in themselves expressions of emptiness and desperation of the human soul. July 2020Monotheistic Spirituality: The Basis for a Shared Sense of Identity and Common HumanityWord/DocxDownload Word.DOC